Proel EVAC AE300 for Gucci Showroom & Gucci Garden in Florence

The well-known fashion brand Gucci has selected for its showroom of Via dè Tornabuoi in Florence  PROEL AE300 ALL IN ONE COMPACT EVACUATION SYSTEM.

PROEL AE300, Integrated Voice Alarm System certified EN54-16, EN54-4 is Italian designed, Italian engineered and Italian manufactured.

AE300 – All-in-one features an integrated main and backup power supply, internal backup batteries, integrated charger and battery tester. Transformer coupled 300W main and spare Class D “Pure Path” ™ power amplifiers on redundant A+B 100V loudspeaker line.

AE300 grants Full power and full performance with both main and backup power sources. DSP based audiophile sound processing.

To  cover the showroom area, a dedicated quantity of Proel ceiling sealed speakers EN 54-24 complying and providing the cosmetically clean and elegant appearance a must for the world widely known brand Gucci has been installed.

January 10th,  after a complete renovation, Gucci Maison will open Gucci Garden, a garden located   inside the historical Palazzo Della Mercanzia; the GUCCI Museum  house .    

For evacuation purposes with respect to EN54-16- EN54-4 standards once again the choice fell on  AE300 ALL-IN –ONE Integrated Voice Alarm System – product within Proel commercial audio evacuation systems range and Proel ceiling sealed speakers EN 54-24 certified.

This area will host a boutique offering unique items, Massimo Bottura the famous Chef restaurant as well as a wide exhibition area managed by Maria Luisa Frisa art, design and fashion critic and curator.