Proel light and sound system for the Lampara Bar in Porto San Giorgio.

New management and new look for the historic Bar Lampara, a landmark in the centre of Porto San Giorgio, 100m from the sea. After nearly ninety years and three generations of the family, the three young lads of the new management have been able to renovate the bar while retaining the symbols of the old premises. Original outdoor lamps and the historic sign were incorporated into the new "marine" environment.

The sound and lighting system was also renovated, as it is of crucial importance since the club is one of the main nightlife attractions. The aim for the sound system in particular was to achieve excellent sound quality at all levels, both for daily use and for live events and DJ sets, and a total control of the system's acoustic impact, while for the lights the goal was to try and enhance the live area and integrate it with the club's new LED lighting.

The heart of the system, supplied and installed by Gianluca Ponzanetti's company ORIONE, is the PC260 processor, a well-known machine much used by the service, set for the different uses required by the customer and within the parameters verified by the engineer who dealt with the certifications.

Through a 9-channel mixer, the PC260 operates an active system with four active Flash8AV for the bar area and the raised lounge, which also includes the small
stage for live entertainment, deliberately identified (well appreciated by the owner and architect) by two suspended Flash12HDA also visible from outside and by the new RGB/FC Proel COBEONE projectors, another choice that satisfied the customer in conjunction with the renovation of the large external lamp carried out with a white COB LED; another strategic decision was to rely on a single but efficient subwoofer, Proel SW118A, located in the bar area at the centre of the club and processed very carefully in the various set-ups; there is also a PA AUP120R amplifier for the four XE65W located outside the bar; the sources entrusted to the PA Source, as well as a DVD player and PC for HDMI videos. All complemented by XLR audio panel and DMX connections coming from the stage, DJ console and outer area with Proel connectors and cables.

The inauguration of Saturday, 20th December was entrusted to the band "Spaghetti a Detroit", putting greater emphasis on the performance of the system. Excellent dynamics and high internal volumes (approximately 94 dB) during live entertainment without any negative impact due to the microphones of the instruments, given the small size of the club, the DJ set can continue undisturbed. The comments of the residents nearby are much appreciated, who have confirmed the maintenance of the acoustic parameters.

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