A voice/music management system PROEL ZONE8 at Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi

The MARINA MALL is the symbol of Abu Dhabi, which encompasses an area of ​​122 thousand square meters as well as over 400 shops with the best brands, restaurants, bars, cinemas and many other attractions, besides a characteristic panoramic platform 100 meters high.

Within the works of extension and refurbishment of the area dedicated to the hypermarket Carrefour, Engineer Tariq Samman of Echo Electronics Company in Abu Dhabi designed the sound system for offices, warehouses and open space to customers.

For the occasion, an 8-zone PROEL ZONE8 voice/music management system was used.

For optimal sound coverage, XENIA X30TW speakers, X50CT ceiling lights and PA CSB10 hanging speakers were chosen.

Hereunder is a complete list of PROEL products used:

• 4 power units AUP480R of 480W (Sales area and Warehouse)
• 1 power unit AUP120R of 120W (Offices)
• 4 ZONE8 8-zone voice/music management systems
• 14 Digital microphone bases for announcements BM08
• 63 2-way 30w X30TW Monitor Speakers (Sales Area)
• 20 2-way 30w X30TW Monitor Speakers (Warehouse Area)
• 10 X50CT 10w sound speakers (Offices)
• 10 Ball pendant speakers PA CSB10 (Offices)
• 2 Set of Wireless Microphones RMW1000M
• 1 UHF splitter with antenna
• 1 Digital message recorder DIGI8
• 1 Start-up panel and Monitor ACM12
• 1 Processor for microphone and music mixing AMIX63
• 6 Volume attenuator TRV50A