Axiom system and Sagitter lights for Alessandra Amoroso's concert in Melpignano.

After the long tour around Italy, Alessandra Amoroso is back in her homeland, Salento, to promote her new hit album "Amore Puro" with a great live concert that ended the 17th edition of the Notte della Taranta.

The mega concert on the 16th of August in the forecourt of the former Convento degli Agostiniani captivated the 150 thousand people present with a successful mix of intimate melodies and decidedly rock rhythms.

The sound system, proportionate to the size of the square, featured an Axiom system, with 24 AX3210, 3-way full-range bi-amp line array modules and 20 Edge21 subwoofers.

To make the show even more captivating, a stage designed in every little detail and a top level lighting system designed by Sagitter, with 18 Pictoled moving head projectors and 10 HD Beams were used for the occasion.
With many thanks to GMMUSIC for designing and installing the sound and lighting system.