Sud Sound System in Lecce with Pictoled lights and Edge monitors

For one evening the reggae rhythm of Sud Sound System welcomed the sounds of the symphony orchestra of the Tito Schipa foundation, giving life to a truly unique concert, upbeat and overwhelming. The unprecedented combination of the band and
the orchestra from Salento captivated the entire audience of Lecce's amphitheatre, with a sound and light show and an original and successful musical experiment.

A sound system with 16 line array AXIOM 2265 compact modules and 12 high efficiency EDGE15CXA stage monitors with a low profile were used to enhance the complex sounds.

12 SAGITTER Pictoled moving heads and 6 HD Beams, projectors featuring high brightness and brilliance, designed to customise any light show with a lot of creativity and offer a wide range of visual effects, were used to illuminate and colour the stage. Material used:

With many thanks to GM Music for designing and installing the sound and light system.