Pro Audio AXIOM for the Carlos Varela and Chambao concert at the Karl Marx Theatre in Cuba.

Huge success in Havana for the concert given by Cuban singer-songwriter Carlos Varela and the Spanish band Chambao. With the wonderful backdrop of the historic KARL MARX theatre, more than 5,000 people watched the show on May 16th.
The AXIOM AX2010A, chosen as the theatre's sound system, has been much appreciated by sound engineers from both bands, as by Carlos Varela himself, who was impressed by the excellent sound quality reproduced in the theatre.

At the end of the evening, the resident sound engineer at the Karl Marx theatre praised the system too: “With this concert, AXIOM passed the ultimate test – this is the system we were looking for and we intend to keep on working with it”.

For the success of the concert we would like to thank all the staff members of OK EVENTOS who took care of the system’s installation and setup.

System configuration:

  • 22 AX2010A - 2x10” Powered Line Array module
  • 08 SW218A - 2x18” Powered Sub-woofer
  • Single Cluster configuration on each side
  • Total vertical angular coverage of the system: 48°
  • Total Amplifier Output power: 76.000 Watt