The Growth of humanity depends on culture Sharing between people, Sharing depends on structures and tools we use everyday and how hard they are to reach.

Our aim is to make available to everyone the best audio, video, lighting solution and musical tools.

We are still developing everyday new platforms and divisions to continue creating value around our brands, with an harmonized portfolio of products.

We always apply our best Know How create Value Added Products and this made us able to be, during years, widespread in specialized market.

Investing in Made in Italy is one of the keys we trust more and we are more proud: Research, Development and, recently, Production.

Theese values make us possible to create great products for everyone.


ON and ON


We design, produce and distribute audio and lighting systems, musical instruments and related accessories on the international market.

Our world is made of music, shows, events and fixed installations. Every day, we strive to offer a full range of products for our reference sectors in order to meet any kind of need.

Our products are sold in international markets through an extensive network of sales offices, distributors and dealers.

The fact that our company is well-established is the result of our constant attention to quality and innovation, to pre- and after-sales care and assistance, and of a remarkable distribution network in Italy and worldwide.


We continue to apply our high level of expertise on a daily basis, so that we can offer a portfolio of products in line with market trends.

Design is developed in three different locations in Italy, relying on technology partnerships and collaborating also with specialised universities.

This goes hand in hand with an all-Italian focus on Design, resourcefully combining INNOVATION, TRADITION and PASSION.

Great care and attention to detail are also the key factors in Production. Our staff is constantly brought up-to-date and trained in order to gradually improve their levels of skill and to make sure each product features the basic “Made in Italy” standards, typical of PROEL and of its associated brands.

Manufacturing, Quality Control and Testing.


In 1991, seven people working in the field of connectivity decided to set up a team in charge of the production of assembled cables.

In 1997, PROEL was already a well-organised company and decided that a key step to be taken was to create a “Made in Italy” Research, Design and Prototyping department.

What was puIn 1998, the drummers arrived and everything became a bit more lively. PROEL acquires the historic Tamburo Drums brand.

2003: and now to Lighting!

The challenge in the Lighting Industry begins, which reaches its peak with the acquisition of Sagitter, both as a brand and as a production matrix.

2007: PROEL speaks of Music at its highest level.

It acquires Turbosound Ltd, a leading British company in the field of Sound Reinforcement linked to big names such as: Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Dire Straits, The Shadows, Jamiroquai, David Gilmour, Nine Inch Nails, etc.

2015: And what a musical instrument!

For the first time, Proel becomes involved in the “Made in Italy” production of a musical instrument, with a successful start: high-tech digital pianos and keyboards. Thanks to the acquisition of the production facility where Roland Europe was located and to the involvement of the Research & Development staff, Proel and the dedicated Dexibell brand swiftly rank among the elite group of Japan’s industry leaders.

2017: “Made in Italy” HUB

With the optimisation of the new production facility acquired in 2015, some of the more high-content Proel brands, such as Axiom, Sagitter and Dexibell, have managed to fully adopt “Made in Italy” manufacturing, combining Design, Technology and Quality.

PROEL continues its journey with passion and dedication, integrating and seizing the opportunities of a highly competitive and specialised market.

ON and ON

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