In the path of constant innovation and qualification of its production and commercial activities, Proel "launches" on the European market with the new CLASSIC DIVISION: "budget oriented" stringed instruments, strings, horns and percussion characterised by strict quality supervision throughout the supply chain.

A project made possible thanks to the careful selection of supply partners and a provision for each type of instrument:

  • Wide-ranging cooperation with the manufacturers;
  • In-depth analysis of the market and of the musicians that have inspired the technical, construction, and aesthetic choices;
  • Significant investment in final quality control, carried out by Italian staff.

Behind Proel’s new reality there is a close-knit team of competent and qualified people who make up the supporting staff.

Stefano Montagna – with his twenty years of experience in the industry - will lead the Classic Division, guaranteeing an excellent direction.

These are the brands that will contribute to the growth of the Classic Division:

  • Tamburo Drum: the historic brand will introduce this fall a new range, with the resumption of the "made in Italy" production;
  • Grassi: This popular wind instruments brand inaugurates the new line "School" for a purchase of more affordable quality;
  • Darestone: Proel’s guitars and basses brand that expresses the best balance between quality and price;
  • Vox Meister: Proel’s brand for string quartet and accessories

For more information on the products download the catalogs: